Landscaping Done Right!
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long has Anthony J Costanza Landscaping been in business?
A. Since 1994

Q. Are you fully insured and is your coverage adequate for the equipment
you use?
A. Yes we fully insured

Q. Do you furnish a written proposal outlining in detail with an itemized
scope of work, and list the terms and conditions of the sale?
A. Yes

Q. Do you provide a written warranty with your work? How long is the
warranty period and what exactly does it include?
A. optional 1 and 2 year warranty

Can you provide at least three references that I can visit to see
their landscapes?
A. Upon request

Q. Do any large reputable contractors use any of your services?
A. Yes many local contractors

Q. Do you have full-time employees covered by Worker's Compensation, and
are you paying them legally and above the board?
A. Yes are employees are paid on the books and proof of workmans comp

Q. Do you own your own equipment or just rent equipment as the workload
requires? Will a missed rental date foul up the schedule date of my
Yes we own all of our equipment
Are you a one-man company? Will the quality of my project be in
jeopardy if you leave the site?
A. Not a one man show

Q. Will you commit to stay until the work is completed once you arrive or
will you have to go to the job sites while my project is going on?
A. Yes

Q. Do you provide full service after the sale? If I need or request
additional work, will you be available to serve me?
A. Full sevice mainteence is available

Q. Do you have full-time office staff so I can reach you or leave you a
A. Part time office staff

Q. Do you have a project portfolio of your projects?
A. Yes we do

Q. What products do you use?
A. Ascotts commercial grade as well as optional 80% orgaic

If you have any questionsplease contact us at: 631 587 3560 or